e-Prescribing for Dermatologists

Fast & Accurate eRx Transmission

With e-prescribing (eRx), dermatologists can generate prescriptions quickly, easily and accurately and transmit them to their patients' preferred eRx-participating pharmacy. Doing so increases medication adherence, reduces prescription errors, and saves time. Physicians can also use their e-prescribing system to view patients' past and current medications, drug allergies, and potential drug interactions.

dermatology electronic prescriptions


  • Submit prescriptions electronically, send by fax, or print to paper
  • Easily check for contraindications and drug-drug/drug-allergy interactions
  • Maintain complete medication histories for patients
  • Create custom templates for frequently-used prescriptions
  • Prescribe multiple prescriptions at the same time


  • Reduce medication errors caused by illegible handwriting
  • Increase medication compliance and patient treatment outcomes
  • Receive alerts for incorrect dosages and other prescription errors
  • Streamline the refill request process
  • Reduce time spent on the phone with patients and pharmacies