Automated Reminders

EMR-Integrated Time Saving Technology

Decrease missed appointments and increase office productivity with our dermatology EMR software's Interactive Voice Reminder (IVR) technology. Aside from minimizing cancellations, you will be able to fill available appointment slots by creating an automated waiting list - and even view detailed reports that show the IVR system's success over time.

By using our EMR-integrated IVR services, you will be able to contact patients to confirm scheduled appointments in one of two ways:

  • Through an affordable, live-person appointment reminder and scheduling service
  • Through a computer-generated system featuring standard and customizable messages

You will see positive results either way, and your staff will have more time to deal with patients in the office.


  • Choose when and how calls are made
  • Allow patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule by voice
  • Customize settings to meet your practice's needs
  • Make more efficient use of staff resources
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Decrease cancellations and no-show appointments